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Occupational Therapy Advice in the context of Occupational Health

Expert guidance can accelerate the process of reintegration and rehabilitation significantly.

My occupational therapy advice in the context of working conditions includes as key elements: Prevention and Rehabilitation.

Primary prevention: prevent that someone cannot perform work or only partially. Optimal working postures, a relaxed attitude to working and moving are important elements. Also adequate working conditions and workload.

Secondary prevention: the reduction or disappearance of symptoms associated with the performance of the work.
My specialty is: (secondary) prevention advice for dentists and veterinarians. In their practice, I pay attention to workload, work postures, light, sound, and work organization. The experience in this field has been very positive.
I also regularly give advice on neck / shoulder and arm problems (CANS), for example, to administrative or laboratory personnel.

Reintegration: for people with permanent physical disabilities trying to pick up the thread of life, at home and in the workplace.
Target group: independent professials and workers, where the occupational health service or the employer considers specific advice important.


1. Problem assessment based on the physical limitations.
2. Consultation with all stakeholders.
3. Identification of the solutions and / or other methods.
4 If necessary,testing aids and appliances.
5. Good reporting and advice (incl.quotations).
6. Information and instructions to the person involved.
7. Follow-up (if necessary).

Questions are provided by the person in question, the disability insurer, the working conditions service, the employer or expertise agency's.

This is a challenging and interesting working area, which I have explored during my Master study in Occupational Therapy at Karolinksa, Sweden.


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