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Occupational Therapy Advice and counseling in the context of Injury

Participate as much as possible in daily life, such as before the accident, is an important objective in a personal injury case.This may mean that help is needed in the performance of household activities or hobbies - moving in and outside the home - return to work or improvement of work potential and reintegration.

Expert guidance of an occupational therapist can significantly accelerate these processes.

An occupational therapist?
Yes, an occupational therapist is a paramedic that can support the client in his or her reintegration at home and at work.

The question is what the person still can do, what he wants to do and what help does he need to achieve the desired participation and autonomy again.

Through a focused analysis of the activities, at home or at work, a picture of the obstacles to the person involved is formed. By linking this to his or her potential often, sometimes with modifications, very much can still be done.
On the basis of a try out of solutions or modifications with the person involved I make an advisory report.
If necessary, I can provide an objective assessment of the required hours of domestic help.

Who asks me for advice?
In many cases the staff of expert agencies working for risk insurance companies and lawyers will seek my advice as an occupational therapist.
But the injured person himself can also contact me. All this is usually done in consultation with the insurance company of the responsible party.

Work analysis
An activity analysis can be made to advise on the possible relationship between physical symptoms and the workperformance, based on research results. This can be important to link physical complaints to the liability of the employer.

The people I work with feel that I do it with pleasure.


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