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Who am I


Who am I?

I am working as an occupational therapist for more than 35 years.
After having worked at home and abroad in various institutions in the health sector, I started in 1993 with a private consultancy with the following themes :
o Occupational Health
o Personal Injury issues
o Aids and Appliances questions for people with disabilities

I work nationwide and I am registered in the quality register for paramedics.

The quality of my work is:
o Listening and observing, with objectivity, attention and respect.
o Taking time for each person.
o Addressing challenges where the problem is, at work or at home.
o Advice and guidance throughout the entire process.
o No long waitinglists.

After my training in occupational therapy and several training courses, I achieved the title of European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy in September 2003 with research in the field of Occupational Health .

I have also published in the international journal WORK 25 (2005) 
"Evaluation of ergonomic interventions to reduce musculoskeletal disorders of dentists in the Netherlands" (downloadable via PubMed) and as the author of the chapter "The paramedic as a care and rehabilitation expert" in the book: Work and Health published by Bohn, Stafleu and van Loghum (2005).

Keywords are:

Professional                Personal attention                        Knowledge

Occupational Health

Personal Injury Issues

Aids & Appliances

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